Pokemon Unite reveals to Azumarill as next Pokemon

Azumarill Character Spotlight | Pokémon UNITE
Pokémon United has announced that Azumarill will be the next Pokémon in joining his list. Today, pokémon United announced that Azumarill will be added to the game this week on April 7. Azumarill is classified as an All-Rounder with movements designed to improve its own damage or avoid the defense of its opponents. You can see a brief description of some of the Azumarill skills in the General Description video published below:

Pokémon United is a toll-free MOBA game that has 5V5 equipment battles. Players control a single Pokémon and get on level by defeating wild and opposing Pokémon. Players also collect Aeos Energy from wild Pokémon and try to score goals on the side of their opponent. While the game is missing several characteristics of the traditional Pokémon Games (such as the type advantages), it is still a fun combination of mope-style tactics and classic Pokémon. While the game is free, players must buy UNITE licenses in the game store to use those Pokémon in the matches. UNITE licenses can be purchased with Aeos Coins, a game coin that is gained by playing games, or with a premium currency purchased with real world money.

Pokémon United Fans are particularly excited about Azumarill due to a recent data mine, which revealed one of the unique Pokémon skills. The Aqua Tail attack by Pokémon provides Azumarill an advantage that allows its next three basic attacks to ignore the defense statistics of an objective, thus exposing popular defensive pillars such as Crustle and Snorlax. Depending on the rest of its set of movements, it seems that Azumarill will be ideal as a character of a murderer, capable of destroying players in 1-V-1 combats, but fighting in larger fights.

Azumarill is the first of two new additions to the list planned for the coming weeks. A teaser launched at the end of last month revealed that a second Pokémon will arrive in the near future. His identity has kept secret until now.

Pokémon United is available as a free game in Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.

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