FC Augsburg celebrates Big Points against Mainz

The Augsburgs, where coach Markus Weinzierl after 3-0 against Wolfsburg in the starting eleven on cock for Pepi (Bank) started, BESS began. Lechtechner headed past the right position in the first minute. The rest of the initial phase also belonged to the handy fugger stitchers, which therefore did not go into guidance. However, the 1-0 impressed at the beginning mainer had a thread totmack and came about only thanks to a wrong decision: Although Zentner failed in the penalty area the ball acceptance, a foul on Lechtechner (10th) was not recognizable. The penalty had nevertheless – and Gouweleeuw transformed ice cold (11th).

Augsburg’s captain remains from the point Cool – Burkardt and Mainz are missing inches centimeters

Then the viewers got a varied first half. Mainz – after the 1: 1 in Gladbach with Kohr (after youth barrier), Burkardt and Lee for cashreiro, stach and Ingvartsen – became better, but the Svensson team has hardly developed the Svensson team. Only FCA defender Oxford made for Mainz highlights: First, the Englishman headed just over his own goal (20th), then he put involuntarily in scene – but the attacker shot from pointed angle only to the external network (25th).

After just over half an hour, the guests were shocked again: Hahn explored several uncertainties in the ballroom of the zero-fiver and met for before passive Augsburger for supposed 2: 0 (32.). The hit was withdrawn due to a handpiel but right according to VAR insert. Shortly before the break whistle, the harmless Mainzer also achieved an irregular hit, when Lee was in his lifter in line with stand (43.) – more did not happen.

Weinzierl proves correct richer: Widmers compensation has only briefly existed

FC Augsburg - 1. FSV Mainz 05 2-1 | Highlights | Matchday 26 – Bundesliga 2021/22

With restart, Mainz continued to take over the game control, which was compensated in the air. After 54 minutes, the zero-folders also achieved the due 1: 1, when Widmer completed a great boetus pass. Long, the guests could not look forward to.

For Markus Weinzierl had a golden knuckle: Joker Vargas, who came into play directly after compensation, was once free after a corner and shot Volley his first goal of the season, and thus the renewed FCA leadership (56th). Fortan were the Fuggerstädter with the fans in the back stronger – Vargas’ double pack prevented Zentner still (64.).

Stach and Ingvartsen award the compensation

The rest of the game was a single strike exchange: First, Augsburg’s goalkeeper Gikiewicz invited the Mainz, but Burkardt did not accept that (69.). In the final phase of the turbulent game, statch then from a promising position by head (79.). Despite the start of the guests and many scarce scenes should be no longer a hit after 90 + 5 minutes – in the last second Ingvartsen were missing only centimeters.

Thus, Augsburg succeeds for the first time since September 2020, to drive two victories in series in the Bundesliga. The Fuggerstädter are now six points before the relegation relegation rank 16. Mainz, on the other hand, remains harmless in the foreign: in the past nine games away, the zero-fifers only got two points.

Augsburg is guested next Saturday at the leaders Bayern Munich (15.30 clock), Mainz is demanded at the same time at the 1st FC Cologne.

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