Environmental Destruction Action “Teardown” Steam to the official release of April 21. Very popular with a big break thief sandbox

Developer’s Tuxedo Labs announced on April 6th, currently released the environmental destruction action game “ teardown ” during early access delivery at STeam. Formal release and 1.0 updates are scheduled to be delivered on the 21st month for PC (STeam). Japan Time seems to be April 22nd. An extended update over a year and a half and a year is a formal release with full.

“Teardown” is a sandbox action game that is expanded from a first person perspective. All the world of this work is built in voxels, and any object in the game can be destroyed based on physical operation. The height of the degree of freedom and the puzzle action element are the title of the taste. In addition to the campaign mode with the story element, there is a challenge mode that challenges the various challenges that plays freely play in the map using vehicles and unlocked tools. In campaign mode, the player will be a company manager of debt, and we will request a suspicious person to earn money.

The work to be requested is a wide variety. For example, “Borrow” the Pc of a company with a “misconception” or a suspicional company that refuses to receure, “making” spaces “to the port so that the client’s ship can be anchored. While using various tools and vehicles, we aim to achieve the mission by “object destruction” which is the tasting of this work. In a job that is not a legal method, it is necessary to handle firmly in the lower viewing stage, as it is necessary to deal with the security robot, and it is important to build a route in advance if necessary Become.

In a 1.0 update that is a formal release, a variety of additional elements, including additional missions to each map, are also implemented. In addition to strengthening particles and smoke operations and depictions, not only aiming at bases, but also a shooting practice area that can enjoy clay shooting. Besides, Cullington’s town is implemented as a map in sandbox mode, and it seems that the summer townscape as far as the previous snow scene color will be added.

This work starts early access delivery in October 2020, and so far, adding new maps and challenges, and responding to Steam Workshop, add photo mode, etc. In December last year, the second half was added to the campaign mode, and the same mode was completed, and the expansion was performed to support MOD (related articles). In addition, performance improvement of destructive expressions and physical operations, which are also characteristics of this work, are also being promoted.

In the STeam user review, 96% of approximately 30,000% of approximately 36% have gained the status of “overwhelming popular”. Several awards have already been won, and it is a title that has a great success from the early access stage.

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“TearDown” is delivering early access to PC (STeam). Formal release is scheduled to be delivered on April 21st.

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