Moral and passion of Viktoria brakes Magdeburg

After the redeeming first victory as a coach of Viktoria Berlin, he raised particularly two qualities of his team: “Morality and passion” stabbed the Berliners on Monday evening. Despite the clear playful power relations, the Toku eleven enthusiastic about throwing himself into every duel and defend compact as a team. On top of that you punished clever one of the few magnure vulnerabilities – the size for standards.

1: 0 goal scorer Jakob Lewald described the goal as “very, very important, I was also criticized in recent weeks that I did not make the things away, so I’m doing well,” explained the center-back also the special personal Value of the redeeming leadership.

But especially with the narrow lead in the back, the Berlin self-confidence rose into his own game. Under the stroke, they would have just been “brutally defended,” the conclusion was Tokus, who saw a “deserved victory” of his eleven.


These threesome Hievte the soil in the calendar year 2022 Siegless Berliner over the line and instead repressed the SC Verl on rank 17. From the tailwind of success, Viktoria could then benefit in Dortmund next weekend – then the second representation of the BVB is waiting in the stadium.

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