Bayreuther Blackout at Alba: How patient dead

Three quarters had offered his team a decent game, but in the last section, the upper francs broke apart. “Imploded” are his Bayreuth, said the Austrian Korner.

I WAS IN A BLACKOUT WHEN I RECORDED THIS... (Viewer Discretion Advised)
In the last nearly nine minutes of the game, no basket did not succeed. On the other hand, Master from Berlin laid a 32: 0 run on Monday evening and won at the end 87:53 (38:35). “Incredibly the last quarter”, Korner was. “I’d like to have ten spending in the phase, but that was dead as patient.”

Korner’s description after this “blackout” lacked in everything: throw selection, physis and and and. “I had picked up two spending for the last quarter, but I would have used ten and then it would probably have not helped,” Korner said after the 17th Saisonied Layer. “That nobody can stop the bleeding was terrifying.”

Bayreuth can try on Saturday to make it good again. But the task has it: The molded Würzburg come with a five-victory series to Derby in the Upper Francenhalle.

BBL table

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