FC Bayern: Felix Zwayer manifests itself to the changeover error

Referee Felix Zwayer does not go from a new rating at the green table after the change fauxpas of Bayern.

“It can not be compared in my view with a situation when a player who does not stand in the game report,” said the 40-year-old in the current green tables studio of “ZDF”: “The player who too much on the Place was a fundamentally eligible player. “

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However, he had stood at a time on the field, “where he could not stand there,” he led: “This is in the football rules and not regulated in the statutes or otherwise, how to deal with it.”

Ultimately, the DFB green tables Court must clarify the situation. Zwayer was in use at the 4: 1 of Bayern at the SC Freiburg as a video assistant, as a referee, Christian Dingert acted.

“A concatenation” unfortunate circumstances at Bayern

There have been “a concatenation” unfortunate circumstances. “There was a replacement process that has not run as he was going to run,” said Zwayer: “An incorrect number has been displayed. But then it’s the responsibility of the referee team to perform a change in control. The task is normal for the fourth Official transfer. “

In the 86th minute, the Munich had played for 16 seconds with twelve men after Kingsley Coman had not left the place in a double change in time. “Thank God without any influence or participation and without a touch,” Zwayer said.

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