SC Freiburg: Streichs national player

The national players “whitened” team SC Freiburg wants to annoy the Bayern on Saturday.

The social media department of the SC Freiburg had some effort to put together all photos. But under the heading “Much Freiburg in Amsterdam” succeeded, however, the mass of Breisgau involved in the international match between the Netherlands and Germany (1: 1) to place on Facebook.

The rusteer status of the SC should also be felt the FC Bayern.

The Most Emotional Coach in Bundesliga? - Christian Streich

“We do not want to be smaller this day than the great Bavarians,” said success trainer Christian prank correspondingly confident overlooking the Bundesliga fifth on Saturday (15:30) against the leader: “You can not be afraid When a Bayern jersey approaches you. The task is not low, but she is feasible. Surfing on this wave, always all lamps tackle – then something can go. “

Meanwhile, some time has a lot in Breisgau – thanks to prank. Before the royal class aspirant against Bayern, their former coach Hansi Flick praised the work of the Freiburg coach over all the measures. “The work of Christian Streich is just fantastic,” said the national coach last: “What he gets out of young players, as he develops them – that’s great.”

Freiburg in the square and next to it

What we would be back at the Freiburg Facebook photos from Tuesday. After all, the German international Nico Schlotterbeck and Christian Günter, the Dutch goalkeeper Mark Flekken and Andreas Kronenberg were recognizable – the Swiss currently works both as a goalkeeper coach at the national team as well as for the SC before finally the German football Waistband changes.

But not enough of the Breisgau influence on the DFB. In Matthias Ginter and Robin Koch, two more professionals were in the squad, which became national players under prank. In addition, Flicks assistant Marcus Sorg comes the SC as a head coach before strike (but unsuccessful and only for a few months).

Prank is looking forward to his national player

“Good, great – that is happy. If you come home healthy, then everything is okay,” commented prank the appearances of his protégés in Amsterdam, who did not just give him fun: “I do not like it if many players do not are in training. These are beautiful experiences for the boys, but for the preparation for Bayern is that of course not good. “

How prank wants to tackle the game, he left open. “Many teams have played very differently against Bayern. Everything was there,” said the coach, who had experienced an unfortunate defeat in the first leg (1: 2): “You need a lot of power and energy, you will be physically and mentally extreme required. And you also need a little luck that you do not make every1. “

However, as luck is known to be cantilever as prank, it should not fail.

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