E-mail of financial supervision? Warning before fraud with false payment request

Financial supervision warns against a currently investing fake mail. Behind it is a fraud mesh.

Bonn / Frankfurt / Main (DPA / TMN) – a fraud mesh of Cybercriminals concerns financial supervision. Criminals are expressed in a current phishing campaign as an employee of the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin).

Fraud by cybercriminals: fake sender, invented employee

In counterfeit mails, the recipients are prompted to payments. The authority stresses that they did not turn to private individuals. This transfer should not do anyone (more news about digital at BaFin).

Behind the transfer claim is a freely invented story: allegedly one should retain money after the payment, which was invested in non-licensed online trading platforms. To make the matter of credible, the scammers will send a security contract to come from the BaFin, but of course is falsified.

E-Mail of financial supervision? Warning before fraud with false payment request

Cyber crime awarenss: AnyDesk hacks / कैसे AnyDesk App द्वारा साइबर क्राइम को अंजाम दिया जाता है???????

To contact the criminals in the e-mail signature “BaFin Team” and the name of a supposed employee, Gottlob Berger. Again, the authority is valid: everything invented freely. Nobody is busy with BaFin. Who is embarrassed, can contact the free hotline of the authority under the 0800/22 00 500.

Basically, the BaFin advises recipients of the phishing mail, to reimburse ad with police or public prosecutors.

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