Lock in Mannheim: Krefeld from the del

The two Meister Krefeld Penguine has been extended for the first time in his club history from the German Ice Hockey League (DEL). After a 1: 6 (0: 1, 1: 3, 0: 2) At Adler Mannheim, the del founding member has no chance to leave the last place in the outstanding games. Thus, the likewise endangered Iserlohn Roosters and Schwenninger Wild Wings are saved.

“In such a Corona season, there is no relegation. In a normal season, we have no problems with up and descent. That was not athletic,” said Krefeld’s co-trainer Boris Blank in magenta sports and referred to many sick or injured Player: “I am wholly convinced if we had played completely and all made all the games, we would not descend.”

Krefeld is the first del relegated since 2006, at that time the Kassel Huskies had to down. In the previous year, the Bietigheim Steelers had risen and are in this season as a 15th team, but no club had been in the DEL2 because of the Corona pandemic. Actually, the DEL and DEL2 had agreed to a relegation regulation for the 2020/21 season.

Sergey SavelJev, Club Boss at the Master of 1952 and 2003, had recently repeatedly emphasized to proceed legally against the descent of the Krefelder. The 25-year-old announced a “action for competition distortion”.

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DEL 12-13 #23 Krefeld - Mannheim 3-2OT

For Mannheim around transitional solution Bill Stewart, who had replaced Memorial coach Pavel Gross, met Ruslan Ischakov (3rd/23.), Nigel Dawes (24th), Markus Eisenschmid (31.), David Wolf (45.) and Tim Wohlgemuth (59.), Mike Hoeffel (26.) Shortened in the meantime for Krefeld. Stewart had led the club in 2001 to the title, from December 2017 to summer 2018, the Canadian was again coach of Mannheimer.

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