Can you catch a brilliant Stufful in Pokemon Go?

Pokémon Go players will have a chance to catch a brilliant Stufful form during the upcoming April day of the community The event focused on a pleasant pokemon. Stufful has not yet debuted in Pokémon Go, but it will be possible to catch it Saturday , April 23 , 2022 , where it will be available both its usual and brilliant form. The shiny shape of Stufful contrasts sharply with its usual option, changing the color from a pink bear to yellow-gold.

How to develop Stufful in Pokémon Go?

Stufful Community Day Breakdown + Tips & Tricks In Pokémon GO! (April 2022) | How Good Is Bewear?

Stufful is not the only pokemon who debuted during the April day community. His evolution, Beware , will also be available through evolution. To turn STUFFUL in BEWEAR, players must catch a sufficient number of pokemon to get 400 Stufful Candies.

Things that have become Bewear during the Event “Community Day” (and up to two hours after it) will have an exclusive reception of Drain Punch. This is a movement of a combat type that complements the characteristics of Beveara and the combat type. After the release of Bewear, it will become a real heavyweight and will probably become an excellent pokemon for raid battles and the Pokémon Battle League League.

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