The Quarry will have multiple options to see it as a movie

Last week, Supermassive Games revealed The Cantera, a new terror title with a cat full of stars, including David Arquette, Brenda Strong and Justice Smith. In recent years, Supermassive Games has earned the reputation of developing games that are reproduced as interactive horror films, starting with hasta the dawn in 2015. _The quarry will continue that trend, but players less interested in interactive elements can be Adjust the game settings, making it more like a horror movie and less like a game. In an interview with GamesRadar + Director Will Byles revealed how it will work and the different options that will be available for players.

The Quarry | Official Announce Trailer | 2K

“The idea is that players and non-players can enjoy the cantera. You can play, or your grandparents can play, and when you deactivate all the additional settings, you finally have a movie “, said Byles to Gamesradar +». And then you can decide what kind of movie you want it to be: you can make a movie with a happy ending, you can make it a movie with a really somber ending and you can choose my own favorite movie, which is the movie Gore Fest. That goes for a pretty dark path ».

To the dawn and The anthology of dark images Both games allow players to shape the personalities of their characters, making decisions that reveal who are like people. Players who want to see The cantera as a movie will still be able to shape the characters. Games as The dark images: Métan man found a great audience on Twitch, and _ the quarry_ in a similar way will try to attract the streamers and their audiences.

“You can also go to the characters and draw a map of their characteristics: this person is quite grumpy, argument and clumsy, they are this and they are that. Then simply press Play and see how it works. There are many things like that, many of which lead to what concerns the streamers. We are going to add some DLC later in the cycle that, again, will allow streamers to adapt their games to their audience. «

The Cantera is scheduled to launch on June 10, so the Supermassive Games fans will not have to wait too long to see if it is up to the best developers.

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