In the relegation case: Krefeld

This proclaims Managing Director Sergey SavelJev in the “Ice Hockey News”: “We’ll try it. We will argue that it has been an unfair competition.” The DEL referred to SID inquiry in the matter to a statement of Gernot Trips from the previous week: “Of course, the affected club is of course not to check the regulations,” the DEL managing director declared: “We as a league can not be more doing as the unanimously decided regulations clean, and I’m very safe about it. “

Fans cause chaos to protest Hamburg's first relegation in club's history | FOX SOCCER

The KEV is currently residue with six points. The past three games were clearly lost, there were 20 goals. That at the end of the season a team must in the DEL2, SAVELJEV is wrong: “Generally, the relegation scheme is counterproductive. Why should someone go to the second league? We have a close league, because deciding little things.”

Competitive distortion?

The club chief fails to distortion distortion and raises violent allegations. “It’s about it: Who has better connections to the state, to the health offices? I’m not the only person who sees that,” said the 25-year-old.

“In January, six of our games were relocated, five not because of us. At that time, our players were healthy – and now I should do the games all, many games in a short time. But now I have seven, eight, nine injured,” explained Saveljev: “We would have played the games before, we would not have lost them.”

per “technical defeats”

Instead of the laying it would have been according to SavelJev “to give technical defeats. This is not a sporting competition.” In addition, the achievements of the referees were “simply catastrophic” since the Olympiapause “Simply catastrophic”. The league also reached by the managing director: “There are clear rules, and the league does not follow them,” said Saveljev without being concrete (“We do not say anything at present”).

The club requested the DEL2 license, SavelJev wants to stay when it comes to descent. “I would then want to go back to the first league, and that I am there would be important to people in the club.”

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