Emotional day for S04: You know what Schalke is

These are pictures that let Schalke dream of past Bundesliga days. Mike Büsken, who at his 54th birthday and after surviving Corona disease for the third term as an interim coach at the scarce antrat, had tears in his eyes after the game.

The entire Veltins-Arena, with 55,152 spectators not quite sold out, but still very well filled, brodged joy. Players and fans together celebrated an important threesome together. “You know what Schalke is. You know what we play for football for,” followed after the game Keeper Martin Fraisl on the “Sky” microphone was done by the audience, the corona and success in recent months and years only Little joy in his heart club had.


Victory in front of 55,000 spectators “all the more beautiful”

“It’s really horn – now it can go right with the catching up,” Fraisl was pleased and optimistic about the remaining seven games. So he looked the same, the youngest, intense 90 minutes were just a few moments back. And for the three counters against Hannover, the scarce had to give some grains. “We’ve tried to hold on with passion and intensity. It is all the more beautiful that we are almost sold out again and get such a victory right,” Dominick Drexler also settled his keeper.

And to make the afternoon for the royal blue heart even more beautiful, there was a little later a pleasing news. Through the commitment to Hannover, the Treaty of Top Goal Jäger Simon Terodde (19 Goals) extended for another year.

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