Davante Adams leaves the Green Bay Packers

As several NFL insiders reported on Friday (CET) in the night of Thursday, Raiders and Packers have agreed on a deal, officially, the trade is not yet. Las Vegas sends for Adams, one of the best receivers of the NFL, a round-round and a two-round pick to Green Bay.

With this MVP Aaron Rodgers loses his congenial partner, with which he had formed the undoubtedly most dangerous quarterback receiver duo of NFL in recent years. After the future of both players was unclear for a long time and then it looked like both remain, Rodgers is now without his favorite welding station in Green Bay.

BREAKING: Packers Trading Davante Adams to Raiders
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The passee’s contract had expired after the past season, but the packers had bound by Adams using the franchise tag for another year. Just a few days later, the receiver had informed the team to do not want to play under the day. Adams for a long time has been seeking a long-term contract that should make him the best-paid receiver of NFL history.

He will now receive this deal after hearing in Las Vegas. According to reports, Adam signs a five-year contract for $ 141.25 million in the Raiders. Piquant: Green Bay is intended to make it even more money to its star, but Adams have rejected annoyance on the failed negotiations last year.

United with college colleague Carr

How NFL insider Ian reports Rapoport, it was a “lifelong dream” of Adams to play for the Raiders – especially since he is now united in Las Vegas with Derek Carro. Together with quarterback, the 29-year-old already played in college near Fresno State, both are considered well friend.

Adams is now also teammate of the German NFL professionals Jakob Johnson, whose change to the Raiders had been announced only around 24 hours earlier.

The Raiders commitment also drives the quality of the already high-caliber AFC West even further in the amount: In addition to the Raiders, the Los Angeles Chargers as well as the Denver Broncos in the previous offseason massively upgraded, which Kansas City Chiefs are already considered one of the Top favorites on the Super Bowl.

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