Barrage System Dungeon Crawler “Wildcat Gun Machine” will be released May 5th. Blow the gun and fight with a barrage, and fight while being blown

Publisher’s Daedalic Entertainment announced on March 17, to launch the barrage cancer action “ Wildcat Gun Machine ” on May 4th. In the relationship of time difference, Japan seems to be launched on May 5. The platform is PC (Steam / Epic Games Store / and Nintendo Switch / PS4 / Xbox One. According to the description of each store page, this work is planned for Japanese language.

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“Wildcat Gun Machine” is a dungeon search type action game that progresses in a top-down view. Players take into the inside of the dungeon full of horrible monsters to release the huge mechalobot from the elderly. Combine a wide variety of weapons, skills and combat styles, and aim for the deepest dungeon while defeating monsters effectively.

More than 40 types of weapons that players can handle. Automy Gun and long distance laser beam, ray gun, etc. select one of the unique guns and infiltrate into the dungeon. By consuming points acquired in the battle, skills can be acquired and upgrading weapons. While scratching the enemy bullets on one hand, it is a content that can enjoy trigger happy that develops intense gun action. Sometimes I board the enemies and make the enemy in harm to the huge robot, and make the fight more favorable.

Motion of comical character of this work, and the style, such as a splash that fills the screen, the influence of “Enter the Gungeon” is made. The same work is characterized by a dungeon or enemy arrangement that is randomly deployed, but in “Wildcat Gun Machine”, all specifically designed dungeons are provided. It is not a random encounter, but a challenging battle is required for the enemies. Various cats are dotted in each of the dungeons, and there are also scenes that brush the cat’s head. When I’m in the title “CAT (Cat)”, I wonder how much the cat’s factor gets involved.

The development of “Wildcat Gun Machine” is a Chunkybox Games based in Brisbane in Australia. In the studio launched by Dave Collinson, this work is a debut. On the other hand, it is a Daedalic Entertainment based in Hamburg, Germany. As a publisher, it is a well-established publisher that sells many works such as the tactical stealth game “Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun” on the stage of the Edo period and the magic world.

“Wildcat Gun Machine” will be released on May 5, for PC (Steam / Epic Games Store / and Nintendo Switch / PS4 / Xbox ONE. According to the store page, this work is planned for Japanese language.

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