“HER STORY” authors latest live action ADV “Immortality” officially announced. Follow the missing actresses of the lost three movies and the disappearing actress

Developer’s Half Mermaid announced officially announced a live-action adventure “ immortality “, which Creator Sam Barlow, who leds the studio, who led the studio. Corresponding platforms are also provided in PC / MAC (STeam) and Xbox Series x | s, and are also provided to Xbox Game Pass. It is said that other platforms will be announced in the future. In the summer of 2022 in the summer of 2022, the STeam store page corresponds to the Japanese language display. This work is the title that has been announced in the vault as “Project A███████” in 2020.

“Immortality” is an adventure game consisting of a live-action video. This work is said to be a story to follow the actress Marissa Marisser Marisser Marisser who is missing. Multiple years of age appeared during the game. The end of the movie that Marcel appeared in each era is told. She appeared in the movie “Ambrosio” of the director of Alan Fischer in 1968. The Gothic Novel “Mink” of Lovereign Writer Masew Gregory Lewis was taken as a subject, and Malissa Marcel, who was still unknown, has been selected as a bad girl Materlda.

In 1970, John Durick Writing the Sriiller Movie “Minsky” in mind that Malcel appears. The same work on the stage of the new York is the theme of the famous artist’s death, and Marissa has appeared in the role of Muse that he has killed him. Furthermore, in 1999, John Durick is also collaborating with Malcel, with the last work of closed. The film entitled “Two of Everything” was an anti-system-thriller movie, and it was a work to explore the duality of a well-known pop star and its body.

Marcel appeared in three movies of about 30 years of her. However, these three movies are not losing or destroyed without coming out to the world. It is anxious about the relationship with her goal of the disappeared Marcel. And the story mentioned in 2022. Its description is almost black filled with a vault, and only the word “Burdro / manager / harmony” is fragmentally. In the trailer, some images appeared with her Marcel. A production etc. to be closed up to part of the image can be seen. Based on the fragmentic video where Marcel appears, it will be the content of the mystery truth.

Creator Sam Barlow, who works on “Immortality”, is a person who is known as an adventure game demons that deal with live-action. The “Her Story” announced in 2015 won each department of many awards such as BAFTA, IGF, GDC, and Game Awards 2015. In addition, he also works on live-action adventure “Telling Lies” in 2019. “Immortality” will be a new year for the first time in about three years. At the time of the initial report of 2020, the latest work is said to be a “10-fold ambitious” work of the previous work, and it is expected that it is expected.

“Immortality” will be released in summer of 2022. It will be released for PC / MAC (STeam) and Xbox Series X | S and will be provided to Xbox Game Pass.

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