From now on Match TieBreaks: Uniform rules for all Grand slam

For the 2022 pending tournaments in Paris, Wimbledon, New York and the Australian Open in January 2023, the final passage is to be terminated uniformly with a match tiebreak up to ten points. This policy change has decided by the Grand-Slam Committee to “detailed discussions” with the player associations WTA and ATP, the World Association ITF and with tennis professionals.

One-year test phase

However, this decision is not chiseled in stone, but after a one-year-old test phase, an analysis and possibly the step towards a permanent control change from spring 2023 should follow. The committee is hoped to be the “to improve the experience for players and fans”. The innovation is used in the qualification, in the men’s singles and double, the ladies single and doublet, the wheelchair drivers and juniors.

New rule for the first time in Paris in use

So far, all four majors had different regulations, for the first time, the new regulation will be used for French Open from 22 May to 5 June. So far, the last sentence in the traditional counting way was played in the sandplast tournament in Roland Garros, so that the winner took two games lead.

Rules: Tiebreaker | Tennis

In Paris, Melbourne and New York, the match-TiBreak replaced the third sentence in the double competitions. In Wimbledon, a third passage is also played in these classements, which is then decided at the latest in the match-tibreak.

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