FC Schalke 04: Dominick Drexler sets up the competition fight announcement

After the convincing 3: 0 success in the FC Ingolstadt is the FC Schalke 04 of the belief in the rewriting. Offensive Allrounder Dominick Drexler, who met the final score on the weekend, presents itself to attacking.

Within a few days, the FC Schalke has succeeded in escaping the Jammertal and to draw new courage for the rise battle. Through the threesome in Ingolstadt were the narrow the great winners of the past second league game day.

Only four points separate the Ruhrpott club from the first three places. And since the direct duel with the SV Darmstadt, FC St. Pauli, Werder Bremen, the 1st FC Nuremberg and the 1st FC Heidenheim still stand out, the royal blue before the final spurts have everything in the hand.

“We want to come into the flow, win our games. It’s Crunchtime – and we want to be there. Teams that score in the back, always have good chances of being at the bottom,” Straighted Dominick Drexler on the club homepage The Schalke. His clear message to the competition: with us is still to be expected!

FC Schalke must and wants to “refill” against Hanover

Recently, the coach change from Dimitrios Grammozis to Mike Büskens. At the latest away, the living S04 legend was represented by a corona infection by assistant Matthias Kreutzer.

The latter have “found the right words”, be “very clear in his speech” and have introduced “many good ideas”, Drexler praised his short-term boss.

Drexler glaubt an Schalke-Aufstieg - Das muss die Mannschaft dafür liefern! | S04 NEWS
Well, however, it is how not at the first step to rest. “We have to refill against Hanover now,” Drexler demanded, who also puts on the Support of the Schalke attachment: “Together with the support of our fans, we can achieve our goals.”

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