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Star Quarterback Aaron Rodgers apparently remains four more years at the Green Bay Packers.

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According to matching media reports, the franchise with the 38-year-old agreed on a continuation of his career at the four-time Super Bowl winner from Wisconsin.

The NFL attacked the reports and spread the news in social networks.

According to NFL insider Ian Rapoport, it should be a four-year contract of over $ 200 million dollars, which would make Rodgers for the highest paid player in football history. 153 million of them should therefore be guaranteed.

Since the end of the season, the packers had emphasized to keep Rodgers absolutely.

In February, Rodgers had been appointed MVP for the fourth time. Two days before the Super Bowl he received the prestigious award for the second time one after the other.

In the regular NFL season, only four Intercepts 37 Touchdowns with 4115 passing yards. Nevertheless, he was surprisingly eliminated with his team in the playoffs against San Francisco 49ers.

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