American Football | NFL: Aaron Rodgers stays with the Green Bay Packers – Russell Wilson before change

Aaron Rodgers remains at the Green Bay Packers, reports on a record contract ended $ 200 million, but he demed. Since Denver Broncos lost the race around the quarterback, they did not get less than Russell Wilson.

Aaron Rodgers wanted to clarify a few things. “Yes, I play next season for the packers,” the football star tweeted, but the reports of a new 200 million contract are “inaccurate,” he did not sign anything in Green Bay. Nevertheless, much speaks that Rodgers will end his NFL career where she started. That’s different with Russell Wilson.

With the deal, a first dominoes fell on the exciting market for quarterbacks in the US Profiliga, and the second followed directly. Since Denver Broncos Rodgers (38) could not get, they brought Wilson (33). The franchise player leaves the Seattle Seahawks after ten years, for the fans a shock, for the TV channel ESPN one of the “biggest trades in the history of the NFL”.

Seattle Seahawks: Wilson before finish

Denver returns a lot for the exception player. Quarterback Drew Lock, two more professionals and five draft picks, including two for the first and second rounds. The Broncos go “all in”, as La Rams last season, where they took great transfers the Super Bowl. Seattle launches the new building, Wilson makes no use of its No-Trade Clause, a transfer ban, no use.

Officially the change is not yet, only on the 16th of March this is possible. It will come up, but a remarkable tweet of the Seahawks speaks alone with a section of the movie “Cast Away”. In it, a stranded, played by Tom Hanks, a volleyball lost, the “contact person” is in the loneliness and which he has baptized because of the manufacturer’s name “Wilson”. “Wilson, where to you?”, The man calls on a raft. One blow in the face of the fans, the entry has already been deleted.

How good Wilson is, the Broncos in 2014 have been felt as Seattle took his single title. In the final, the Seahawks Denver dismantled with 43: 8. The last championship brought the team from Mile High City 2016 in the 50th Super Bowl (2016) with Peyton Manning. The quarterback stopped afterwards, the club did not make it in the play-offs since then.

Denver attacks in autumn, Green Bay too. Rodgers, since 2005 at the club and last year as the vaccine in the headlines, has allegedly bound for four more years. If the numbers that the Routinian denied, he would be the highest paid player in history. 153 million dollars should be guaranteed.

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