PS2 classic may return to the PS5

In 2013, the master thief Sly Cooper disappeared with the fourth part of hunting by the time – and with the years, the hope for a continuation. However, there are more evidence of a comeback of the thievish raccoon and its gear.

SLY 5: When does the continuation appear?

On the PlayStation 2, the developer team Sucker Punch with Sly created a platformer trilogy with Stealth elements and a cartoon-like style. The champion thief and raccoon received another part in 2013, but by Sanzaru Games. And although Sly Cooper: Hunting through the time ended with a cliff hanger , missing every trace of a continuation for over nine years.

But as well as Ratchet & Clank could also celebrate Sly and his Ganovtruppe a sooner comeback. Because in the last days the rumors are compressed by a potential SLY successor. On the one hand, the official website domain was extended. (Source: Whois) If studios have to do at certain time intervals so as not to lose the rights – as Konami otherwise happened to one of his most popular brands.

On the other hand, industry insider Accountngt has announced over Twitter that a new SLY game is in progress. According to the insider Sony plans an official revelation in the second half of this year .

How to fit that will be celebrating the 20th anniversary on September 23 Sly Cooper .

New Sly game not from Sucker Punch

Accountngt also writes that the new game of the Sly series as the predecessor should not be created at Sucker Punch . Maybe Sly 5 is again developed by Sanzaru Games, while Sucker Punch works on a new part of the Infamous series, which also comes from the Sly Creator.

The developer Sumo Digital would also be a possible candidate. The last developed the platformer Sackboy: A Big Adventure for Sony Playstation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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An official confirmation from Sony does not exist yet. A revelation to Sly’s 20th birthday sounds plausible.

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