Hertha BSC receives millions of corona

Actually, Hertha BSC is not associated with financial difficulties through its investor Lars Windhorst. Nevertheless, the Berlin support received by the Confederation.

As the “kicker” reports, Hertha BSC has received seven million euros from the Corona funding program of the federation. As a result, the application for funding in October 2021 was granted in February 2022.

Hertha’s financial executive Ingo Schiller confirmed the preservation of the funds compared to the expert magazine. “Contrary to our hope, the pandemic still holds us in breath and has great economic effects, especially in the field of auditor’s revenues. We have therefore applied for bridging aid III from the Corona funding program of the Confederation, approved and paid,” explained the 56-year-old.

In the Financial Report of Hertha BSC, the sum for the second half of 2021 is reported.

In recent months, the capital club – like all other Bundesliga clubs, had to renounce a large part of the ticket revenue. So most seats remain empty in the Olympic station during the winter.

Hertha BSC expects significant million minus

Instead of welcoming 75,000 fans, Hertha BSC played in the attractive lots against FC Bayern (3000 spectators) and Borussia Dortmund (5000) almost a ghosthood.

By entering Investor Lars Windhorst, the Berliners are actually among the most financially strong clubs in the Bundesliga.

Since 2019, the entrepreneur pumped 374 million euros in the club. Nevertheless, Hertha BSC generated a shortfall of 78 million euros in the 2020/21 season.

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For the current season Hertha BSC expects a minus of 60.3 million euros. The aid levies should help to cushion the financial losses through the Corona Pandemic.

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