Elden Ring: Was bewirkt Remembrance of the Rot Goddess?

While taking it with the huge amount of enemies ELDENRING you will encounter those who fall memories from your former self you can take. The Feather Goddess, Malenia is such an opponent that can fall this item so that you can create one of two different objects.

Should you hold on to this object and make a great weapon for yourself, or should you give up this path and take it Runes that you could earn for it? Find out today in our guide, what the Remembrance of the Red Goddess does for you!

Elden Ring – Remembrance of the Feather Goddess

After fighting and defeating Malenia, goddess of the rot. Get the memory of the goddess of the rot, which, when it is brought to the right person, can unlock a great weapon or a powerful spell for those who are looking for.

After you have received this reminder, you should go back to the way Enia in the Roundtable-Hold to develop its full force and potential. Once you have done that, you can make one of two different objects and create: the hand of malenia, a katana with great strength and skill scaling or the powerful scarlet Ä. creating a huge flower that arises Before scarlet exploded.

Each of these items can benefit players who use one of these particular skills, with the Katana containing a large amount of it 117 PHY STAT, with a Krit from 100. You will also receive some great defensive boosts, like It is offered 33 against all magic and 49 physical. You will also receive the Dance of the waterfowl Weapon’s skills that can not be added by no Ashes of War.

On the other side of things, the scarlet Ä Keine is a great summon that knows a lot of damage and look great, but some problems can cause when you get involved with PVP struggles. it is a slower spell to be used, so consider it.

However, if none of these items succeed, you can also sell this reminder 50,000 runes, What could give you a few extra levels on your current build. You can also duplicate this reminder for each mouse colors but you can only duplicate it once per mausoleum.

Finding these memories is a great way not only to get a great weapon or a great spell, but also create a few extra runes when they need them. You can make your journey a bit easier, as the game can sometimes be pretty unfamiliar, making the fight for you more.

Elden Ring: Remembrance Weapon Showcase

ELDENRING is now available for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series X / S and PC.

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