Double strike of the SV Pullach leads to the TSV Dachau for victory

Nine league games without defeat, with the FC Ingolstadt 04 II is to be expected in the ascent race, however, the relegation of the professional team in the 3rd league could make a dash through the bill to all regional league ambitions of the small Schanzer. But that is still a future music, the presence demonstrated again how consolidated the team of coach Alexander Käs acts. From the beginning she pressed the game against the table-fed FC ismaning the stamp. Ismaning also had to play at night from the 32nd minute, shaded yellow-red. Even before the break, idolatrics achieved the earned leadership by penalty. After a greatly introduced attack on the right wing Meikis increased in the 59th minute to 2: 0. Ismaning was finally beaten.

Otherwise, on Friday, especially the spreadsheet cellar was in focus. There, both the VFB Hallbergmoos against the TSV 1860 München II (1: 1) as well as the TSV Wasserburg / Inn (0: 0) against the TSV Landsberg got a counter. For the VfB it would have been in front of 620 spectators – the club invited nearby clubs with a free ticket action – almost to victory, but Löwen player Zehtbauer enjoyed in the 87th minute the Werner leadership (15th) yet.

On Saturday, the sovereign top rider Spvgg Hanchofen-Hailing had surprisingly points lie against relegation candidate FC Gundelfingen. The guests were able to thank their goalkeeper ratte in the first round, which responded strongly in some home opportunities. And it came for the FCG even better: After a good hour, Ratte remained in the penalty against Wagner winner. But so sweet Football feels at a moment, so sour-bitterly he tastes in the next moment: In the 66th minute, the Gundelfinger Torwart made a throw out of her hands, Sommersberger dusted to lead. But toward the end of the game got a turn again: Hanzofens Lazar looked yellow-red after stretched leg (83.), shortly thereafter, there were trademeters for Gundelfingen, the boldly in the gate. Hanzofen would probably have expected more than one counter, but can cope with this little slip-up tabular but well. Gundelfingen will need the point gain for morality but still is still on a descent relegation place.

There, the TSV Dachau was standing in front of this matchday, which falls after the HallbergMoos draw of the previous day and the own 1: 2 home defeat against co-competitor SV Pullach on a direct relegation place. Knech’s grand chance in the 7th minute when he was initially free, but then was disturbed by Dachau Kelmendi at the last moment, the direction occurred. In the 23rd minute, servant was disturbed again at the end, the ball jumped this time to Zander, the Pullach launched leadership. Four pointer turns on it then made it tank really strong when he took a flank volley and actually thundered the leather into the net. But Dachau put this double strike well away, Kelmendis free kick came too wise, which is pushed from a short distance. Cousin also took the inside shortly before the break, but he missed the balance scarce. In the meantime, it smelled strongly about the second Dachauer gate, but in the final phase, Pullach releases stronger again and gained the victory that gives great food to the hopes of the league.

If it goes after the SV Donaustauf, then the class content would be an all other than the desired seasonal result. The Oberpfälzer finally go to the start with a well-known squad and look upwards with both eyes. In the pursuit duel at SV Kirchanschöring, it took up to the 49th minute before the hitherto tipped cleared game tipped on the side of the guests. Only Idrizovic achieved the lead, in minute 52 increased Özlokman to 2: 0. SVK-Keeper Disterer then prevented the preliminary decision with strong parades, and on the opposite side Vogl brought the yellow black with a penalty in the 65th minute. Kirchanschöring now wanted the compensation, but Donaustauf remained harmless and was allowed to finally cheat in the 89th minute after 3-1 from Sautner the connection to two pubs. Then yellow-red clouded for Muro in the detention time the mood no longer, at best the injury-related replacement of goalkeeper JuraSi in the 83rd minute showed a few carving mienen.

A game of limited tabular briananz won the TSV 1847 Schwaben Augsburg at FC Deisenhofen. Twice Kania (14./60.) And Tagler tribe (74.) brought the Swabia to 3: 0, Rembeck lucky in the 81st minute still the honor goal.

On Sunday, the game takes place between Türkspor Augsburg and Vfr Garching. Especially for the ability-threatened Garchinger an important activity.

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