Thats for cook as a “lounge in terms of democracy”

DFB in the future without the long-standing 1st vice president and polarizing “stripping puller”. Rainer Koch – that seemed to be unimaginable until the announcement of the voting result. “For me, this is a surprise,” commented DFL Supervisory Board Hans-Joachim Watzke, who had led the DFB together with Koch in the last four weeks with Koch as an interim double top.

But, so Watzke: “It was also a lesson in terms of democracy. Whoever has claimed, the delegates were only vocal, was a better taught.” Obviously, not least cook himself had his restraint especially in the camp of the national associations colossal overestimated.

Boebert Compares Biden to

Sitting occurs at asking “Various pages”

The nomination of counter-candidate Prof. Dr. med. Silke Sitting – Of course through the Bavarian Football Association Guided by Koch – was finally created as a clearly recognizable tactical maneuver. “We are not in the way of such a democratic election, that’s the message,” had had BFV-Vice President Reinhold Baier.

The fact that Peters’s expandable election defeat would actually maintain its candidature, did not everyone in the calculation. She himself was asked exactly about “von a variety of sites”, the sports pedagogue explained in their imagination speech, so they accept the challenge. The applause specifically from representatives of the professional clubs has already been guessed that it could be scarce for cook as thought.

“Stripping puller” Koch tangled huge

Ultimately, however, Koch’s own speech was well. He first explained why Sinning is not the appropriate cast for the Vice-President item concerned and then called on to have been nominated by the South German Association without countercanes. The delegates may therefore simply “confirm” or “do not participate in the election”.

An invitation made in the hall for audible displeasure – and cook certainly made no additional voices. In the end, the realization was: With a fulminant own goal, the calculated with all waters washed multifunctional chef itself catapulted. With a result of 68: 163, the 63-year-old votes not much less clearly than his opponent Peters against Neuendorf (50: 193).

Wehrle: “That means a real new beginning”

The fact that the Bundestag took a regular to harmonious course, but also had been cooking for goodbye, but also highlighted Watzke: Together in common hard, but constructive and prospective negotiations, the prerequisites have been created “that the trains DFB and DFL are no longer on each other Netting “.

In the sense of the new President Neuendorf, the Watzke characterizes as “binding and connecting”. In personalities and facts, the delegates of the national associations and professional clubs indeed demonstrated almost maximum unity. The conclusion of the outgoing Cologne Managing Director and future Stuttgart Chief Board Alexander Wehrle joined many: the current personnel constellation at the top of DFB (with Neuendorf and with Sizing in place of Koch) and DFL (Watzke and managing director Donata Hopfen) means a real new beginning “.

Neuendorf makes the occupation of UEFA executive open

Cook by the way left the hall immediately after completing the event without further comment. Symbolic manner through a side door with the inscription “Emergency Exit”. Which consequences are now for his activity in the UEFA executive remains open for the time being. Originally, Neuendorf had set itself in the event of his choice that Koch should keep this post as well as Peters the place in the FIFA Council.

At the press conference after the election, the newly baked president, however, was not the time to talk about who has any perspectives in the DFB. We will have to discuss the topic in the presidium. And I would like to be able to personally like Rainer Koch again talk about it. I did not have this opportunity yet. “

Koch’s failure and Sinning’s election commented Neuendorf generally stresses factually: “This is a democratic process, I consider it soberly. It is a situation we have to deal with and avoid. I’m very confident that Ms. Sitting is good and loyal with all works together in the Bureau. The result shows that the inner-associated democracy works. “

What clearly more than some critic has subordinate in the past.

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