Rust: Build and insert sleeping bag

Rust: These materials need you for a sleeping bag

Especially on the PVP servers of Rust it belongs to the gameplay, regularly bless the temporal. This is by no means excluded on PVE servers. This is especially true if you take technical ventures like the flight of a minicopter.

Sleeping bags are thus important for several reasons. For the production of a sleeping bag you need 30x fabric. You have the blueprint from the beginning, so you only have to find the fabric.

  • You get fabric when collecting hemp plants that grow in the wilderness.
  • In addition, you get fabric during plundering and by recycling clothes and other objects.

Rust Guide | How to Use and Craft Sleeping Bags | Beginner Tutorial
* Have you made the sleeping bag, place it anywhere – this does not even have to be in your base.
* You can distribute multiple sleeping bags on the map. After death, you can then choose in which sleeping bag you wake up.
* The Coldown should be considered. This can vary depending on server setting.

The sleeping bag system also gets strategic importance. Tip: For a better overview, you can rename the sleeping bags and provided with specific names. In this way, you can tackle your revival under Tactical Aspects.

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