Shaky Sly Cooper Rumors PS5 intensify, with Pixelving Attached

Sigh, WaddledeekNows did not he taught us anything? A few weeks later, Twitter is again at the height of his old tricks, this time with a new title SLY Cooper on the agenda. Unfortunately, as long as we would like to see Thievius Raccoonus’s return, you will be very thirsty because of the amount of salt thrown over this story.

Comtengt gets the greatest boasting rights if this title really emerges: Star Wars Eclipse’s “Initiate” said there was a new SLY Cooper in development earlier this week, but Sucker Punch does not do it. Well, Duh! Since then, Bavard Nick Baker, Host Xbox Era has put his influence into play: he says the creator of Concrete Genie, Pixelopus, develops the title, in collaboration with Sony Pictures Animation.

“My source gave me the green light,” he says, “But we are still not 100% safe. ” Awesome.

To be fair, Baker has done his homework here: Pixelopus works on a new project with Sony Pictures Animation, although we do not know if it is related to Sly Cooper or not. There must have been an animation movie – he even had a trailer – but he never came to the day. Then there was talk of a new television series, which did not succeed. Of course, all this has preceded PlayStation Productions .

Oddly, this rumor seems plausible, but there is really nothing concrete here. It should be noted that Baker previously mentioned that a new Infamous is also developing, so it seems to love the Sucker Punch Sleeping series. “There is a chance we can see Infamous make a return to the Sony showcase,” he said in September of last year. “Take this one with a grain of salt. »

Still waiting!

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