John Wick & Kill Bill: Trailer to a new shooter

You stand on the styled action by Kill Bill and the lead-containing charm of John Wick? Then you should take a look at Wanted: Dead throw. The new third-person shooter presents its bloody strengths in a funny gameplay trailer.

Fire-free! Wanted: Dead celebrates brutal action

The machine gun in the stop and the Katana always ready for use. So Hannah Stone turns through the criminal scum of Cyberpunk-Hong-Kong.

The matching gameplay trailer makes it clear: Hannah does not take prisoners. But on the contrary. She shoots in the third-person perspective mercilessly by a sheer endless horde to opponents. Games like Gears of War or that is forgotten Wet from the year 2009 greetings.

The comments under the trailer celebrate The Brachial ActionFest . After the motto: Stump is trump! Although German youth guards are probably already snapped. Because Wanted: Dead does not make a secret of being brutal kills and hard finishers spectacularly staging. But make you a picture with the trailer yourself.

Who is behind the third-person shooter?

The responsible developer studio of Wanted: Dead is Soleil , which is mainly known for the multiplayer game Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker.

However, new in your portfolio is also the role-playing game Valkyrie Elysium , which was introduced recently during the State of Play. With Wanted: Dead you extend your own VITA so now a brutal third-person shooter.

John Wick | Gangsta's Paradise


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Jasmine Peukert

That’s no coincidence. The game also reminds of the little successful shooter Devils Third for the Wii U. and this game was designed by the team that now works for Soleil. It has come full circle.

Whether Wanted: Dead becomes more successful than his spiritual predecessor, we will find out sometime 2022 , because then the shooter for the PS5 appears, the Xbox Series X | S and the PC.

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