Away Game – Rowü, the goalkeeper

Ribber Recber was once an election promise of Joan Laporta at FC Barcelona and refused an offer from Alex Ferguson. The later known as a goalkeeper warrior Turk at Barca but almost never played. But what is that, if you stood twice shortly before death?

Rowü Recber belongs to the people who like to speak when talking. He could tell two hours about the spiritual meaning from the tile. You would listen and may actually be done later from the tile.

Maybe it’s because the 48-year-old ex-footballer has just told so much and is already well trained. There is often the story, as he became a goalkeeper at the age of 16, because in his village association Demrespor the actual gathering was drafted for military service. Why just he? “Because I was big.”

Or the story of how he died almost. In 1993 he fell into a violent car accident with his teammate of Antalyaspor, Levent Tekne. Tekne died, Grüßü was heavily injured, lay with internal injuries and an adjusted face ten days in coma. The doctors feared the worst, but settling survived.

In 2020, they were worried about him again. When the Coronavirus reached Turkey as early as early April, Räßü belonged to the initial infected. “I lay in dying,” he told later. His wife Isil asked about prayers for his husband, who strongly advised and with violent weight loss the Covid disease survived.

RestU was beaten by fans

You could now list many other stories. As he was once beaten with Fenerbahce on the training grounds of fans, because Fener lost a cup game against a second division. And as the same assassin later sat in the Fener airmer, when there was a away game.

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Everything relativizes itself in life when died twice. And so it was with roots, which has long since found his peace that perhaps the greatest dream of his life may only be so half true.

“I’ve always wanted to play for the FC Barcelona,” reveals specifications. When he played a spectacular World Cup tournament with Turkey in 2002, the best goalkeeper was chosen before Oliver Kahn and Co., and Turkey became WM-thirds, suddenly all the doors were open to him.

Arsene Wenger sent his people so he comes to the FC Arsenal. Sir Alex Ferguson sent his people so he comes to Manchester United. Ferguson later was even personally imagined. “He wanted to solve the goalkeeper problem at Manchester United and offered a lot of money,” remembers gravity.

Rootsu: “Commitment to Laporta was a Risko”

But the choice of the Turk stood. No arsenal, no manunited. A then still quite young Joan Laporta was also raised in the spell and made Rüstü for promise to the FC Barcelona, ​​if he was to win in 2003 election. “Laporta was not chosen yet when I suspected. That was a risk because otherwise I abbed out everywhere.”

LaPorta won and held his promise, but he had a request for Rüstü: “He wanted me to keep my long hair and my war painting under the eyes.” Laporta not only wanted the goalkeeper, he wanted the whole story with everything that belongs to it.

The long hair and the painting made him unique. Although the painting was not an idea to attract exorbitantly. On the contrary: “I got an allergic reaction in the eyes with a game in Hong Kong because of the lawn. From there I was very sensitive to what the brightness affected.” The black painting, which actually looked like a warrior, helped him.

When he once forgot his color tool at home, he asked a lady on the grandstand, whether he is allowed to borrow their make-ups. But he could not admire him in Barcelona then. Neu-coach Frank Rijkaard, who came to Ribbü, preferred to Victor Valdes. “I was in my eye to him,” says Rüstu today and pushes it to the language barrier. The ex-goalkeeper spoke neither Spanish nor properly English.

Barca called constantly when crowd on Covid diseased

But rather as personal animosities, rascal stood the alien rule in the way. More than three non-EU foreigners were not allowed to stand in the matchday. At Barca, Ronaldinho, Rafael Marquez and Javier Saviola had their squad as well as good as well. There was no room for starring.

Only a year later, he returned to Fenerbahce in Turkey, but the wires to Barcelona have never stopped. Every year, the club at Twitter reminds of the commitment of the first Turk on Barca. And as a starring for Covid bad, there was repeatedly calls and aid offers. “When I fought for my life, I felt the intimate support of Barca and am grateful to the club forever,” says Ribü.

These days he is a big topic again in Barcelona. Barca receives in the eighth finale of the Europa League on Thursday (21 clock) on the Turkish record champion Galatasaray. In Turkey he played for Fenerbahce and Besiktas, but never for Galatasaray. A short time before equibilities Car accident, Galatasaray wanted to commit him for the junior department, but settling refused because he did not want a youth football, but men’s football.

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A golden decision, as it turned out later. He made great career in Turkey, became national player, folk hero, goalkeeper warrior. That he has left Barca after just one year, he still wittes him today: “With my attitude of today I would have stayed for sure. I have given up early.” Rather, there is also not to say about it. This crowd recber has already experienced worse.

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