Wow: And again Nerfs in the mausoleum raid

Oh, hurt, you have somehow always, if you have studied the patch notes of the current WoW hotfixes and finds that the tuning of the Raidbosses in the mausoleum of the first probably somehow was a bit too tight. Accordingly, the developers of WOW report a lot of hotfixes from WOW to the night on March 9, 2022, which deal with the Guardian, Xy’mox, Pantheon, Halondrus, Anduin and the Lords of the Screens. There are a few bugfixes for the hunter animal set (animal rule to be accurate), for the monk, for the Pocopoc and a few quests. Below is the overview of the patch notes, which we have hunted and reworked by deepl.

WOW Hotfixes on March 9 2022


Table of contents

  1. 1 classes
  2. 2 channels of the first
  4. 4 players against players
  5. 5Quests


  • 4-set bonus: multi-shot now lights up in the action bar when the strengthening magic is mordrausch.


  • A problem has been resolved, through the fallen order (Venthyr capability) and the Yu’lon image of the mistwalk did not receive reduced damage due to surface damage attacks, much like other companions and guards.

  • Fixed a problem that has not always applied the decay time reduction of dark teachings (Venthyr Runenschnitzkraft) after logging in until the Legendary was newly equipped.

Cipher the first

  • POCOPOCS Energy is now updated immediately after the exploration of Maxim.

Dungeons and battles

Mausoleum of the first

Attentive guardian

  • The force field now reduces the damage that suffers from an exposed core to the difficulty degree mythic by 90% (previously 80%).
  • The spawn rate of volatile matter and prefabricated guard on the difficulty degree mythical was slightly reduced.
  • The damage of “adiocactive core was reduced by 12% on the difficulty degree of difficulty.
  • The damage of broken core was significantly reduced by 15% on difficulty degree.

My Experience with WoW's New Raid


  • The energy generation rate of XY-Akolyths has been reduced to the difficulty levels of ratchet access and normal.

prototype pantheon

  • Wirting seeds spawn now on all levels of difficulty near necrotic ritualists.


  • A problem has been fixed, which led to players in the shimmering cliffs could not ride.
  • A problem has been resolved, through the villain were unable to use shadow step against halondrus.

Anduin Wrynn

  • On the difficulty of Heroically, 3 gloomy reflections are now summoned (previously 4).
  • The life points of monstrous soul were reduced by 5% on the difficulty degree of difficulty.
  • The necrotic detonation of the monstrous soul can be worked on motion on all levels of difficulty.
  • The absorbent amount of buried barrier was reduced by 25% on the difficulty levels of difficulty and heroically.
  • The damage of merciless winter was reduced by 20% to the difficulty grades normally and heroically.
  • The healing of Anduin’s hope through the holy priest in active guardian spirit should now reduce the cooldown of Guardian spirit.
  • A problem has been fixed, met by the Seele Explosion companion.

Lords of horror

  • Players are now protected for a short moment in front of the Cloud of Roasting after they were attacked by paranoia.

Mythical +


  • The visibility of URH’s ability “KRaftschlag” has been improved.
  • The camouflage capability of the Tarnfeld from where is a lot of camouflage.
  • The teleport frequency and grease of Vy interceptors has been reduced.

Mythic Dungeons

  • The damage of opponents was increased by 21% and the health by 31% on the difficulty degree of mythical dungeon.
    • Note The developer: We resolve a problem in which the difficulty level of mythical dungeons (mythical 0) was not increased as intended with the beginning of season 3, which has led to an unintentional difficulty gap between mythical 0 and mythical +2. After the change will come into force shortly, the transition from mythical-0 dungeons to keystone tests should feel smoother and no longer such a big jump in the difficulty level.

Players against players

  • A problem has been fixed, which led to players who received twice the number of credits for the weekly quest “solo strategy” while participating in the solo shuffle.
  • It has been fixed a problem through which the Colosseum of Maldraxxus could not be selected as a map for war games.


  • With scheduled weekly maintenance this week, a problem has been resolved, which has not increased the drop rate of PROGENORSTEIA from the tribute of the weekly quest “Nested pattern”. * It was fixed a problem through which the catapult could not fire in some situations in the scenario “the fragmented fleet”. * It has been fixed a problem in which the level of Jarl Velbrand was too high for the Quest “Drekirjar Tame”. * The target search robot OOX-09 / HL is no longer lost when he tries the water during the quest “saves OOX-09 / HL!” to cross. To home page

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