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If you caught, you can run away from the green liquor that breaks the ticket.

Bethesda SoftWWOTS, a developer, and this Art Book, published through Publisher Art Nouveau, divided the development process and concept art of “Doom Eternity”, which is revised in 2016, It contains.

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Each chapter of the artbook deals with five core values. Each of the ‘Earth’s Warrior’, ‘The Devil from Hell’, ‘Cursed World’, ‘Gun Total Attack’, ‘Demon VS Doom Ray’ is the main character of Doom Slayer, It contains various concept art evenly. In addition, each artwork has been described in each artwork, so if you do not let you know in the game, you can also check for more information on the areas you had to be passed to the guess.

The ‘The Art Of Doom Etern’ is a 229 * 305mm size, and 192, and the weight is 1,360 grams and the price is 32,000 won.

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