Exoprimal: Capcom sends you 2023 in the fight against dinos

At yesterday’s state of Play, Capcom has announced a new multiplayer action game with exoprimal overtime odds.

While players older semesters who have wishedged the PS1 era, a new Dino Crisis of Capcom, the Japanese Publisher announces another title in which it gets to do it with giant odds from the original time. Exoprimal is a third-person action game, which is located in 2040. The biggest problem of humanity is not climate change in this scenario, but an invasion of dinosaurs. Where are the beasts come at once? No idea! IMPORTANT is first time to make you the same. This is the order of the Aibus Corporation, which uses exofighter: people stuck in state-of-the-art martymakts, exosuals. They are divided into three classes: attack models, which share a lot of damage, tanks that take over the tank role, and supporters, which, for example, ensure that their teammates do not go on.

What looks like an alternative to Earth Defense Force in the gameplay trailer (especially due to the masses of dinos, which can be seen at the same time on the screen), is not a pure co-op game. In fact, exoprimal is a PVEVP game, at least in its main mode called “Dino survival”. Here two five-pm against each other. Your goal is to fulfill your missions from the opposing squad. Especially fighting against the Saurians, but you can also take the direct swirl against the other team to prevent it from reaching his goals.

Exoprimal is a pure multiplayer game according to Capcom, but it should still tell a gripping story. The Publisher speaks here of unlockable actions through which you learn what’s behind the appearance of Dinos. Until you can ventilate that secret, but it takes a while. Exoprimal should only appear next year for PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One.

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