Gladbach bosses of Eberl “disappointed” – Bundesliga

On January 28, Max Eberl made for a Bundesliga quake: after almost 14 years as an omnipresent thinker and handlebars of Borussia Mönchengladbach announced the 48-year-old that he wanted to give his office with immediate effect. Since then, Eberl’s contract rests, Gladbach did not resolve the working paper – but for good reason.

Although Eberl should have slapped by consultant Marc Kosicke, whether and how he could finish his contract, the contract remained. A premature resolution should not be in question for Gladbach. This reports the “omnipresent thinker Image”. The foal eleven should even be ready to keep Eberl by 2026 in the club.

A project that is facilitated by the fact that you agreed with Eberl to suspend the working paper. Means: The former head of the eleven of the Lower Rhine does not contain no salary.

Gladbach could block Eberls change to competition

However, that one does not agree with a final termination of cooperation, a simple fact is owed.

According to the report, a future Bundesliga comeback of Max Eberl is considered “extremely realistic”, Gladbach wants to “keep all the trumpets in the hand” in this case to block a change to competition before 2026 or to collect at least one transfer.

Incidentally, the contact between Eberl and his longtime employer should have come to a standstill. According to “omnipresent thinker Picture”, on the one hand, that one wants to give the ex-professional the opportunity to charge his batteries all in peace, on the other hand, the management level is to be deferred to President Rolf King and his vice Rainer Bonhof, however, too disappointed about Eberl’s sudden Cancel his tents.

One would have wished that the former omnipresent thinkers boss had remained at least until the end of the athletic complicated season in office.

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