Rumor kitchen: Leak to the Nintendo Switch Successor and PlayStation

A new week, a new rumor kitchen : After we reported you from the potential death of Silent Hill and the rumor that 2023 no call of duty reported, new speculation is at the start this week. Among other things: a leak to a possible Nintendo switch successor and replaced PlayStation prototypes .

Nvidia chopped: Does the Nintendo Switch 2 come?

Almost all rumors around a Nintendo Switch Pro have so far been in the sand or were denied by Nintendo and after the last year the Nintendo Switch OLED appeared, many fans buried their last hopes. Now, however, a new leak has emerged, which reheats the rubbish kitchen again.

A few days ago Nvidia was hacked: In the action, some DataMiners promoted the term “NVN2” . It is supposed to be an indication of the graphics API of a potential switch successor. Finally, the current Nintendo Switch uses the programming interface called “NVN”.

Whether the “NVN2” now really indicates a Nintendo switch successor or whether it is a technology for an originally planned, but meanwhile stampled model remains open. If we have learned one of the past one, then that this was not the last rumor to a possible Nintendo Switch 2 .

First info about features in F1 2022

Caution Confusion: The first information for the upcoming racing game F1 2022 have nothing to do with the just announced F1 Manager 2022. Nevertheless, they are interesting: Tom Henderson , well-known industry insiders, betrayed that you want to make some changes to the predecessor.

According to Henderson at F1 2022, fans should therefore look forward to cross-play between PC, Xbox and Playstation , a new car class called Super Cars as well as a planned VR support. In return, however, you can throw the story mode from the game. In addition, the game should be enriched by a stroke name F1 live , in which player should feel all and even like the racers of Formula 1.

Star Wars: Eclipse – Later Release Because of Personnel Deficiency?

Already in December industry inside and leaker Tom Henderson, that Star Wars fans probably have to wait for a while, until they are allowed to dive into the world of Star Wars: Eclipse. The responsible developer studio Quantic Dream, known for the narrative title Beyond Two Souls and Detroit: Become Human , namely causes some obstacles.

In addition to problems with the engine, especially a massive personnel deficiency is the cause. On the website of Quantic Dream find around 60 job advertisements, which are very important in view of the size of the studio. Henderson has now adapted its prediction about the presumable release period of Star Wars: Eclipse : Accordingly, the game should not appear anymore 2026/27, but rather 2027/28.

Surprisingly, PlayStation prototypes

Next-Gen Nintendo Switch Feature Set Leaked
Finally, there are still news from Sony: The company behind the PlayStation sends hardware hardware. As can be seen from publicly visible cargo lists, you have around 2000 DEV kits on the headquarters of Sony in the US, so to Oakland in California.

Since the DEV kits of the PlayStation 5 have been delivered to developers years ago, the DEV kits that are currently sent could possibly be hardware of the PlayStation VR 2. In addition, Sony has spilled four prototypes of a game console , but of whose identity can currently only be speculated.

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