Wow: Mysterious greens is injured and the developers already know that

With the release of WoW Patch 9.2 you should actually be able to accept the WOW quest “Mysterious Green Sales” in Zereth Mortis in the southeast of the new z1. The emphasis is on “actually”. Because mysterious greens is faulty and has driven the players in madness since the patch.

The quest itself, so mysterious greeners, is displayed on the World Map of Zereth Mortis. However, if you reach the appropriate coordinates and, by the way, to kill the little spirit Koh Shira at 60/70, then you will not find anything; Also on the mini card lacks any reference to the whereabouts of the NPC, which simply does not want to appear. The fact that mysterious greeners in Wow (Buy Now) does not work, which has now arrived at the WOW developers.

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Mysterious greens is too mysterious for WOW fans

In the EU forums of World of Warcraft, Customer Serviceler Arythwinn writes: “We have received several reports about this problem and can confirm that it does not work [mysterious green drawing] works. Currently we can not offer any circumvention or solution for the problem. We Excuse us for any inconvenience while our developers work as soon as possible to solve the problem. “

So there is only a standard response. The answer from Arythwin to demand for mysterious greeners and the associated NPC came on Sunday, March 6, 2022. If we are lucky, so maybe the EU maintenance work on March 9, 2022 is a solution to the WOW servers landed so that you can do the quest. Until then you have to practice patience.

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