LOL: Mad Lions and the great problem of level in the lef face to international events

This weekend we were finally known to all the teams that have passed to the second round of Lalec , the most important League of Legends tournament at European level and that has left a bit disappointing results. While teams like fnatic, misfits or g2 esports have left good sensations , it is true that there are other teams that have been quite disappointing: Mad Lions , who was champion of last edition for the second time consecutive, It would end up being eliminated after an arduous fight in the classification against Team Vitality. **

A Mad Lions who has disappointed with its level

The season did not begin it badly, since during the first weeks you could see that Elyoya was the main shotcaller with outstanding plays and a pretty good league of legends. The problem was more for the instability throughout the regular season and the mental boom that they had in some games they seemed won but they would finally end up losing in a resounding way as happened with the game in the way versus SK Gaming

And is that when a team is not maintained mentally well, this type of misfortunes occur that sometimes happens, causing that after losing games so your stability is going to the negative side. Lions however had always been a team that threw a lot about the heart , since Spanish passion for believing in the impossible with an excellent team game caused them to be the best West team in 2021.

AST vs. MAD - Week 8 Day 2 | LEC Spring Season | Astralis vs. MAD Lions (2022)

However, with the exit of Huamnoid and Carzzy, it seems that this union sensation has disappeared and with the arrival of the new faces the team’s environment seems to have changed a lot. Eye, we do not say that they do not get along well, we mean that maybe the attachment between them is not so great when two of the greatest pillars of the lions to other LEC clubs. Even Javier himself commented that he was quite unleasing his companions and he noticed that he loved them very much.

Europe in critical condition

But the problem is not only of Mad Lions; The general level of the LEC has dropped pretty if we compare it with the other important regional leagues and above all to previous years. LCK has three teams that could be clear candidates to be the best team in the world, although there is one that stands out above others: T1 . On the other hand, the LPL has a firm contenders to give a League of Legends of pure Show with the Victory Five of Karsa and Rookie or the Weibo Gaming of Thesis, Huangfeng and company.

It is true that the North American LCS may be the least level, but the lec is going through a critical moment : Rogue is still very good in regular phase, but it is true that facing the playoff It always disappoints and its _ mental_ is very unstable in the best of 5. On the other hand we have Team Vitality , which seemed to be the great favorite to win but has been to a single match of missing the next phase of the tournament

Fnatic and misfits are, possibly, the two teams that are best in shape thanks to the enormous individual level of each of the players. For many, Hylissang and Vethéo are clear candidates to win the MVP of the season thanks to outstanding games from both and becoming a real headache for some teams outside the European League. It will be necessary to see who finally reaches the MSI, but it is clear that the fans of the region will unconditionally support the one representing our continent in the most important tournament of the spring.

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