FC Schalke 04: Dramatic losses? Details of the new sponsoring aleal revealed

FC Schalke 04 has already officially confirmed talks with the apartment company VIVAWEST. Now see new details about the new main sponsor deal after the separation of Gazprom.

What The Hell Happened To Schalke 04?
According to the “picture”, the talks with the RAG Foundation standing behind Vivawest and the FC Schalke 04 has been around for a possible cooperation.

Spicy: In the case of members and fan circles violently controversial spin-off of the professional department, which planned the former Supervisory Board Chief Clemens Tönnies as well as ex-board Alexander Jobst, the RAG Foundation should have entered as a major shareholder.

Since the billion-densch foundation cares about the settlement of the subsidized German coal mines and thus in a certain way Schalke “stall smell” exudes, Tönnies hoped and Jobs to bring the necessary 75 percent majority of members behind them.

Ultimately, the spin-off plans remained on Schalke but lie in the drawer. The current club management will not be sought in this direction.

FC Schalke 04: Does Vivawest pay half as much as Gazprom?

About Vivawest, where the RAG Foundation is with 40 percent main shareholder, it is probably still a partnership.

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As lucrative as the previous sponsoring agreement with Gazprom, however, is far from FC Schalke 04, as expected: citing club circles report “Picture”, Vivawest will pay only four to five million euros per year. Gazprom last twisted twice to Gelsenkirchen.

In addition, the deal with vivo test should therefore be a transitional solution. How long the contract with the real estate company ultimately runs, therefore remains to be seen.

FC Schalke 04 wants to detach Corona credit

Parallel, Schalke’s Financial Chefs Christina Rühl-Hamer is to be exploited by the report, as the Corona loan secured by a NRW guarantee can be replaced by 35 million euros with the support of the RAG Foundation.

As a security, Schalke offered the catering rights in the arena, it says.

All S04 fans must probably still be aimed at the final announcement of cooperation between the Revier Club and Vivawest and the details of the Agreement. Only on the next weekend should these be announced.

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