Wakfu: a monocount server more so far

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Wakfu is in shape for this beginning of the year. After a big update 1.74 bringing the Shukrup, the game is effervescence while the eyes are already at future updates, as well as the celebration of the 10 years. Better, following a recent survey, a monocount server will one day make its entry!

WAKFU: Upcoming monocount servers

During a December 2012 survey, the Wakfu team had questioned the players about a possible arrival of monocount servers. This mode would propose a ban on the hero system as well as a limitation to a simultaneous character connection. Already experienced on Dofus and Dofus retro, he had encountered some success so well as the other countries of Krosmoz have heard about it.

Depending on the results, “It is clear” that the community wants a server of this type. However, Ankama announces at the same time that the development of these servers is not at the schedule, of 2022 at least. Some basic functionality of Wakfu should also be reworked. This includes the dungeon system that will see a version 2.0 this year.

The development of this site in our planning has still not been fixed and, in the event that we start it, we would need time to prepare a number of mechanics beforehand.

WAKFU team

2023 is therefore a good Community estimate by judging the interest on the side of the team. If the site is not priority for the current year, it does not come to bring positive news later. After all, the land is fertile for the arrival of monocount servers.

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