Turn system & Auto Battle Strategy Game “Heroes Hour” is popular with Steam. Sales over 600 from delivery to 3 days from delivery

The turn-based strategy game “Hero’s Hour”, who worked on Developer Thingonitsown, seems to be popular with Steam. This work is delivered on March 2 this year, and it is said that more than 60,000 are sold in 3 days. If the developer is an individual studio, it can be said that it is a large number of figures.

Hero’s Hour - (Fantasy Kingdom Strategy Game) [Steam Release]

“Heroes Hour” is a strategy game combining turn-based gameplay and autobattle. In addition to solo play, it also corresponds to local match and cooperative play. The player chooses from 11 different powers of different features. Learn a hero to which you belong to and to search for a random generated map every time you play, do quests. There are also enemies and resources on the map, and there is also an enemy and moved while consuming points. And if there is no move point, it is replaced by the enemy turn.

Migrating to a map for battle when it is secluded. In addition to the hero, which is the general player side, there is a subordinate soldier unit, and when each initial arrangement is specified, the battle starts. The battle is basically performed automatically, but the player can be moved to a specified location or the player may intervene in a form such as using skills. The unit combines 177 types, and 50 Hero Skills recorded. While making a battle, we will enhance and strengthen the army.

There is also a construction element of buildings in the city where the base is based. Such construction uses money and resources. There are various types of buildings, for example, hiring new heroes and units, treating units defeated by battle, or restoring mana needed for spells, or increasing the income of the city There.

This work wins “very popular” in STEAM’s user review. In the review, there are multiple comments that are similar to “Heroes of Might and Magic”, and in addition to it, it seems that there is an autobattle that develops quickly, the height and repeatability, and the variety of powers. On the other hand, it is also pointed out that the game balance is not very good.

As mentioned earlier about sales, it is temporarily ranked in STEAM and ranked in the top 4. It is located 12 in the point of writing this paper, and it seems to be popular. Looking at the number of simultaneous connection players, it breaks 1700 people at once on the day of the launch. And the next day there are more than 2000 people, over 3000 people, and 3600 people are recorded at the current peak (STEAMDB). It is a number that falls within 200 in the whole STEAM, and it would be good as a small-scale development indie game.

Heroes Hour (Hero’s Hour) is delivered by PC (Steam / EPIC Games Store /gog.com/itch.io). The game corresponds to the Japanese language display. Launches are carried out until March 9, and it can be purchased for 10% off 1656 yen in Steam / Epic Games Store.

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