Eating SGS: Annalena Rieke returns in the summer

“Their 1.72 meter body size moves them lightly and at a high speed over the place”, the SGS describes a player that she had already under contract. Between 2018 and 2019, the meanwhile 23-year-old had not been able to prevail and was only used in Essen’s second team.

Three years later, Rieke is matured to a striker, “as we do not have them in the team yet,” enthuses her coming coach Markus Högner. She himself says about where she is best used in the square – this time the first team – the closer to the opposing goal, the better. “

After an intermezzo in second division Gütersloh (57 games, 32 goals) Rieke is looking forward to being able to trade themselves from summer “in the highest German league with the best players in Germany”. But there are other reasons for the return: “By switching to SGS I have the opportunity to combine my studies and my private life optimally with football. In addition, I already know some players and trainers, which hopefully me the acclimatization facilitated.”

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