Craftone, Bag Mobile E Sports Professional Team Recruitment Start

Craftone said that the battle ground is recruiting the professional team for the battle ground mobile e sports ecosystem activation. E supports the sports professional team in a variety of ways, plans to ensure more stable player activities and provide professional environments.

Team operational grants are paid to the selected e-sports professional team, and the Battleground Mobile PRO Series (hereinafter referred to as PUBG Mobile Pro Series) 2022 ‘seed is given. In addition, brand promotion is also supported through Battle Ground Mobile E Sports homepage, in games, competition broadcasting and content.

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The essential qualifications for the Battleground Mobile Pro team are concluded more than 4 or more athletes, full-time contracts with one or more coaching staffs, with one or more coaching staff and formal contracts, compliance with the minimum amount of paid and minimum contract period, acceptance and practice equipment.. Battle Ground Mobile Professional Corporate Corporate Corporation, which can fulfill the necessary qualifications and obligations, can be applied for anyone.

The team you want to apply will be submitted to the E-Sports Professional team support person email ([email protected]) to the E-Sports Professional Team Support Representative ([email protected]). Battle Ground Mobile E Sports Professional Team Recruitment and Support For more information on recruiting and support, you can check through the Battle Ground Mobile e-Sports homepage.

Meanwhile, the total prize of the ‘PMPs 2022 first-year competition’ held in April, is expected to participate in the competition more than last year, with more than $ 150 million, with more than twice as much as last year.

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