What does apex clawstrider figurine in Horizon Forbidden West

One of the various special items that players who buy a digital version of Deluxe Horizon Forbidden West was an Apex Clawstrider. This part is used in a desktop game created by Tenakth, called Machine Strike. Machine Strike is a strategic game somewhere between chess and risk. Players use different parts based on gaming machines to overthrow each other on the battlefield.

How to use Part of Apex Clawstrider in Machine Strike

Players who bought the Digital Deluxe version will automatically receive this part of the Machine Strike, but they still may not understand her mechanics or for what it is needed. The upper cohinshell is a piece of hand-to-hand combat , which means that it should be close and personally with other parts to cause damage. This costs five victorious points And this means that if it is destroyed, he give the enemy team five points from seven that are necessary for victory. In addition, here is the statistics that should be considered for Apex Clawstrider.

APEX CLAWStrider Statistics

How To Get Clawstrider Circulator, Razor Tail (Clawstrider Location) - Horizon Forbidden West

  • combat power – 3 points damage
  • Spectr – 1 square
  • Motion speed – 2 squares
  • Glasses – 8 Health Points

Finally, when choosing this subject, it should be taken into account its special ability, called revenge . Retaliate works similarly to the ability of Bristleback’s Spray. At the beginning of each round, if within reach of Apex Clawstrider is an enemy figure, it turns to them and causes one point of damage. . Because of this ability and high glasses of the life of this subject, Apex Clawstrider will work well as the main power of the melee and player’s tank.

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