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At the latest after looking at the Twitch-Mega-Leak knows every Twitch viewer that ex-Overwatch-Pro XQC dominates the audience numbers of the streaming platform . He has almost every month most audience hours and is usually the streamer, which is the most hours streaming (endurance and sleep streams except).

On average, he is just over 300 hours live on Twitch in the month. In this category, however, it will be overtaken at last time again and again from Fextralife and also in February 2022 sailed Fextralife at the Spectator Throne of the Twitch Giant. The streamer team came up in February 20,602,064 spectator hours , XQC reached a second place with 20,504,221 spectator hours.

All key figures from XQC declined in February. He streamed 282 hours (10.4 percent less than in January), with an average number of audience from 72,645 (5.8 percent less). The total showers drop by more than 15 percent. Of course, this is also due to the number of days in February compared to January. But some streamers suspect behind the success of Fextralife fraud .

On the Twitch tip because of Wiki Embeds?

Ex-Twitch Streamer and Youtuber Ludwig doubted the success of Fextralife already in the past when they had climbed the Twitch Throne in October 2021.

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Fextralife is a games community and news source for video games that operates the Dark Souls Wiki and the Elden Ring Wiki. On each side and each sublight of the Wiki article the stream is embedded and users automatically count as a viewer when one of the Wiki pages is open .

Ludwig criticized Fextralife for embedding and automatic playback of streams on each side of the wikis and said, “ I do not know if it’s illegal , I do not know if it is allowed to the TOS, but I say Only that it is not a good thing for Twitch “. The release of Elden Ring gave the Souls streamers, which fits the Dark Souls wiki, of course, a huge boost.

The most successful streeamer in February 2022 *

  • measured at viewer hours this month.

Asmongold celebrated a perfect comeback with Lost Ark. Vtuberin Ironmouse has risen near the top 10. Your subath broke not only subscriber records, but also demands twitch titans in terms of audience. Trainwrecks, Ibai, Hasanabi and Gaules are also represented in the top 10. The complete list can be found below:

  • Fextralife: 20,602,064
  • XQCOW: 20,504,221
  • Asmongold: 19,055,285
  • GAULES: 13,401,937
  • ESL_CSGO: 11,685,594
  • Ibai: 9,715,308
  • Trainswreckstv: 9,570,544
  • Rainbow6: 9,077,489
  • Hasanabi: 8,664,066
  • Roshtein: 8,114,334.

Source | Dexerto

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