Dienei, Mobile Games Slam Dunk Awakening Sung Hyun Jun

Dena said it has updated the Awakening Sung Hyun Joon player data in its mobile game ‘Slam Dunk’.

Sung Hyun-joon is a popular appearance of a gorgeous technique in the center position, as a negligent verda of Sangchung High School.

With this awakening update, we have added Mastery to all skills, such as conventional backswp pouring and post plotter, one-step breakthrough, fade awareness, spinomove dunk, rebounding.

NBA All Star Game 2007 Slam Dunk Contest
In addition, the “Neck Intercept”, which boasts a flexible speed, boasts a deliberate flexibility, and immediately took the passes of opponent’s passes.

In addition, it was opened with ‘high cuts’, which cuts the body with his jumping force, and the “Azil Spin”, which is fast cut into spinmove techniques, which cut the opponent’s pass.

Dienie is a trimming event to conduct various events until March 14, commemorating the Awakening Sung Hyun Joon Athletic Data Update,

Through the ‘Tuonghang Koong’ acquired, we can get Saint Hyun Joon, NO, NO6, NO8 Profile Frames, as well as Saint Hyun Joon’s superqualized jumper, Jangwon-hyuk’s training cloth, and the like.

In addition, when you complete a specific task, such as cumulative scoring, cumulative assists, accumulated rebounds, cumulative blocks, MVP special selection boxes, skill training cards, junior training cards are available.

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