How to get spells per hour hero

Heroes play a big role in Hero’s Hour. They not only lead your armies and command by your troops, but also have powerful abilities and can use various spells. Spells can turn the battlefield, so you may be wondering how to get spells in the hour of the hero.

There are several ways to get spells in Hero’s Hour. Some heroes begin with spells, and others are not, but all heroes can get spells. Here are three ways to receive spells in an hour of hero:

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  • Hire the heroes
  • Level is raised
  • Create a guild of magicians in your city.

The easiest way to get more spells is to hire heroes-magicians, as they start with spells. If you raise your heroes, you can sometimes choose a level upgrain perk to learn the random element spell equal to your rank.

The construction of the magicians and other structures in your city will allow your heroes to study spells by visiting this city. In addition, some meetings in the above-ground world will teach your heroes spells when they visit, but they seem random. Spells can be extremely powerful, so you should give priority to their study, especially the characters of the magicians.

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