1. FSV Mainz 05: Thats why Niklas Tauer is underestimated

Comunio and significant market present you every week a Bundesliga player who is still running under the radar and from which a significant market value increase is expected shortly – today with Niklas Tauer from the 1st FSV Mainz 05.

The current comunio stats

Market value: 220,000
Points: 12
Points per game: 2.0

1. FSV Mainz 05 | Club History

That’s why Tauer is underestimated

Six inserts distributed to 265 units – this is the balance of Niklas Tauer in this Bundesliga season for the 1st FSV Mainz 05. Only in 14 out of 24 possible games was the 21-year-old at all in the squad. And the season had started so promising: when there was a large personal gass at Mainz at the beginning of the season, Tauer stood at Gameday 1 and 2 even in the Startelf – only to disappearly secretly, still disappear from the back door to the rest.

In the winter break even a change in the room stood, the SV Sandhausen had spotted carefully. Tauer, however, received a change of change, sometimes collected playing practice again in the Regionalliga Reserve and injured themselves at the beginning of the year to the adductors. The result: The Youngster had reached the lower market value.

That makes Tauer so strong

When Tauer stands in the square, then he delivers: two points per game on average is neat for a young defensive player. At his last two missions on the 17th and 24th matchday he even brought three points each.

Tauer gladly shone his comprehension with 83 percent won two-strokes and three successful grassets. On the 17th matchday against Frankfurt he had rummaged with a stately number of baller conversions, clarified actions and blocked shots.

Tauer is therefore a man with defensive strengths, but we have not yet seen any offensive accents, with the exception of a very solid pass quote. But that is more than enough for a market value that is almost ridiculous and that practically everyone can afford.

This potential has Tauer

The potential is immense. Tauer has made 17 U-country games for Germany, counting in the year 2001 is still one of the biggest promises for the six-country position in this country. He also regularly receives special lot from his coach: So Bo Svensson said after the starting set on the 1st matchday: “He has presented a superior performance. I think sometimes the boy does not know how well he can be.”

Recently, Svensson Tauer certified very good training services, which is why he appeared on the 23rd of the game again in the squad and even got 20 minutes on the 24th match day and three points.

Especially for the next few weeks, however, it will be very interesting. And here, Tauer benefits that he can act both on the six, as a right-back and as the central defenders. In the midfield, instead of the locked Dominik Kohr could come to a long time, but much more likely is even a commitment in the defense center. There Tauer was still in front of David Nemeth on Saturday, which is currently actually considered the first reverse for the triple chain. Since St. Juste is injured and hack has seen the fifth yellow card, Tauer could even appear on the 25th match day in the starting eleven. So what do you want more for 220,000?

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