War in Ukraine: Schachtjor

Roberto de Zerbi, Italian coach of the Ukrainian football top club Schachtjor Donetsk, has left the capital of Kyiv after the end of the day and tried with his coaching team the departure. As the TV channel Sky Italia reported, the 42-year-old and its employees rose in a train towards the border.

Premier League managers voice support for Ukraine and players
De Zerbi and his team had landed on Thursday on the journey home after a training camp in Turkey in Kyiv and wanted to travel to the East Ukrainian Kharkiw to the away game against Metalist. Due to the Russian attack on Ukraine, the restart of the Premier League has been exposed to an indefinite time after the winter break.

De Zerbi, since 2021 in office and previously coaches at US Sassuolo, had reported from Kyiv of explosions, the Italian bidding leader Gabriele Gravina sat in person in the authorities for the return of the Zerbis and the team. The 13 Brazilians who play at Schachtjor were broken by train towards Romania on Saturday.

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Schachtjor is actually located in the Eastern Ukrainian region Donbass, but has not been able to play home games in Donetsk for almost eight years now, but has been a home to almost eight years. The local Donbass Arena, built for the European Championship 2012, was severely damaged. Schachtjor played since then in Lviw, Kharkiv and Zulzt in Kyiv.

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