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Manuel new, Thomas Müller and Robert Lewandowski celebrated in the Bundesliga together 28 German championships, embodying for years on their positions footballing world class. Not only the greed after more and more titles, the leader trio of Bayern, but also their contract period. For new, Müller and Lewandowski, the working papers are in 2023, the reports of their athletic future increase more and more.

A signature tire Treaty of 2023 have neither the captain and enthusiasm (new), nor the best preparer in the team (Müller) or the top scorer and world soccer (Lewandowski) lie on the table.

For all three, the current situation should also be a others, now reported the “Robert Lewandowski Image” again.

Thomas Müller should have been given “a first call signal” at least after all. FC Bayern wants to further extend with his veterinarian, a Müller farewell to foreign countries – from England the FC Everton and Newcastle United should have expressed their interest – no one wants to introduce themselves in Munich anyway.

Even with the long-standing donor hearth Manuel New, the characters continue to be well to extend with the 35-year-old again until 2025. According to the expert magazine, the repeated World Gorwart is pursuing its active career at the German industry prime and no longer change.

Star trio earns around 53 million euros per year at FC Bayern

On the other hand, great amazement is always about that world footballer Robert Lewandowski, no concrete discussions about a contract renewal should have occurred.

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The Pole is so valuable for FC Bayern in the current season as never before, has already overrage in 30 games in Bundesliga and Champions League

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Nevertheless, it should not even give an appointment with the Polish superstar currently on contract talks, it is called in the “Robert Lewandowski Image”.

Currently, tension is pursued in Munich, which Bayern star from this trio brings the first movement into the matter. It is clear that for FC Bayern under the stroke is extremely a lot of money goes, which is why the club exercises in all three reserve.

After a momentary contract, the players new, Müller and Lewandowski as a top earner of Bayern, together, to earn around 53 million euros a year.

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