Aaron Hunt finishes his professional career

In the summer, Hunts was a contract at Hamburg SV and was not renewed. He then held himself privately and looked around for new options. “I’ve had some opportunities since the summer. But in the end it did not quite fit. It does not make sense to wait another half year. The topic professional football is completed for me,” said the Midfielmann “picture “. “I’m doing. I decided that I did not play anymore.”

Fair Play Hero Hunt Rejects Penalty
Between 2015 and summer 2021, Hunt was ran for the Hamburg SV, had to compete in the 2nd league with the club, among other things. In the lower house he was one of the leaders then, the team even led as a captain on the field. Before his time at HSV he plays a year for the VfL Wolfsburg.

With Werder in the Champions League

The longest time of his career Hunt spent at the SV Werder Bremen, where he also managed to jump to the professionals. Between 2001 and 2014, the meanwhile 35-year-old played for the SVW, made the still glorious times in the Champions League.

Overall, Hunt came on whopping 304 Bundesliga games and achieved proper 57 goals. In the 2nd league he came 72 times and met 17 times. In the premier class, the left-end ran a total of 24 times (one goal).

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