Madshot, Cthulhu Killing, the demo arrives on Steam Next Fest

You knew you should not have played with occultism anymore. Now Cthulhu has eaten your city. Madshot, the 2D Roguelike shooting game and the independent Overflow independent developer, came to the Steam Next Fest with a demo. In addition, a press release provides details about the game, including its style and what it brings to the genus Roguelike.

Madshot places players in the role of an occultist looking for eternal life. But Oops, it looks like your character invokes the big dreamer, Cthulhu instead. Now, the monster devoured the city, with you still in it. However, this offers you a unique opportunity to kill the old former from the inside. So, now you have to take your weapons in a quest to kill Cthulhu.

In classic Roguelike fashion, Madshot changes with you while you play. Of course, it means that there will not be two identical races. The final version of the game will include more Roguelike features to give it even more depth. These features include elements as more than fifty types of enemies alongside hideous boss, and a vast arsenal of weapons with more than three hundred possible improvements. The game seems to aim to allow players to really choose a style of play that suits them.

Daymare: 1994 Sandcastle - Steam Next Fest Demo Teaser Trailer
A new trailer, for the demo, shows Madshot’s artistic style and acrobatic gameplay.

The Madshot demo is currently available on Steam Next Fest until February 28th. The demo includes a level of play with several paths to explore so that the players really become familiar with the game. In addition, the full version of the game will release later in 2022.

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